Bloomin' Basics Program


5 week course (same time every week)
For adult & juvenile dogs ages 6 months and above.

Whether you have a new rescue dog, you missed puppy training or you just want to build a positive relationship with your dog, classes are a great option to do so.

Our Bloomin' Basics program is designed to start your dog off on the right paw by teaching them how to make the right choices, gain confidence and build a relationship based on trust and kindness. All lessons are specifically designed to cater for clients needs, therefore each program may cover different topics. Some of the main topics covered include walking nicely on lead, come when called, stay, focus under distraction and how to teach your dog to settle under distraction.

We do not over book classes, we have a maximum of 6 dogs in class. This allows us to give you extra individual attention.

If you feel your dog is nervous or anxious, they may not be happy in a class situation and a private consult could be better suited to your needs. However, classes are set in a low distraction environment and it is our top priority to ensure every dog in class has a positive experience. Therefore, if you have concerns please contact us before booking. We can organize a suitability assessment, or recommend private sessions if required.

Please see class information page for more info.