Class info


Robert Mackie Park - 48 Panorama Drive, Thornlands 4164


Zoe Bundock - 0477 067 104

Before Class 

All customers will be send a quick client profile to fill out via online link. This must be filled out before the class so that we can tailor the program to your needs and work out whats best for you and your dog. This must be filled out and returned before class. 

Vaccination certificates MUST be sighted before bringing your dog to class. You  may email or text a picture if you would prefer, or bring your dogs certificate to the dog free lesson. Dogs that are not up to date with vaccinations will not be allowed in class. 

It would benefit you to take your dog on a quick walk before class. Please do not feed them a full meal before class, they should be getting this during training. 

What to bring to class: 

- Fully enclosed shoes

- A comfy chair (2 small chairs already provided)

- Standard collar and leash

- Mat or towel for your dog

- Sun hat

- Tasty, high value treats for your dog (roast chicken, ham, devon, cheese, hot dog sausage) cut up into tiny pieces

- a chew or enrichment toy to settle your dog. (kongs or licky mats are very useful)


Please bring your dog to class in either a harness or standard lead and collar. Please do not use retractable leads. We will not accept any dog to attend class with slip leads, check chains, prong collars or electric collars. 

All dog MUST be on lead at all times during class.

If you are late

Please ensure you are ready for class 10 minutes before start time. If you are late, even by a few minutes, you will not be allowed into class. This procedure is put in place because it is very unsettling for the dogs in class when people arrive late.

Dog health

If your dog is in season or sick, please do not bring them to class and contact me to make alternative arrangements.

Refunds/make up classes

If you miss a class we do not offer make up classes or refunds. Classes must be paid in full before the first lesson. 


We do conduct classes in an outside venue, so if the weather isn't good enough for class, we shall contact you via text to let you know the class has been cancelled. We will then pick up where we left off the following week.